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Baby Yoga 

Make some special time for yourself or for you and your baby/babies from roughly 6 weeks old until competently crawling (usually at around 7-10 months)

Relax, recover, rejuvenate and meet other parents and carers

Feel free to follow your little one's needs with feeds, crying,

sleep, nappy changing etc.

Day, time and location of the next term-based course to suit the group. Venue: Barbon, Arkholme or surrounding area

See Mama Yoga for specially designed classes while pregnant

Baby Yoga helps to:

* give you vital support in this life changing time - you are not alone!

* boost your energy levels
, circulating blood, oxygen and prana/chi

* strengthen core muscles including pelvic floor, lower back and abdominals muscles

* help you stay fit, flexible and loose any unwanted weight

* reduce muscle tension such as shoulder or back pain from all that carrying and feeding

* relieve stress and anxiety
 with gentle exercises and simple meditation and relaxation techniques

* deepen and regulate breathing to calm your mind and ease your heart

* promote restful sleep patterns
, soothing techniques and quality bonding time

* develop easy to learn shiatsu massage techniques that you can enjoy with your baby in between classes

* increase confidence and enjoyment as you meet and share your experiences with other adults

All the fun of the popular Mindful Yoga courses, specifically tailored to benefit parents and carers of babies from about 6 weeks old to when they are competent crawlers. Mums are welcome to attend for postnatal care with or without their lovely babies. Feel free to do whatever suits you and your family each week.

We practice yoga and relaxation with a break for a drink and a snack so we can share our laughs, challenges, tips and have a supportive, informative, catch-up in a safe, calming environment.

I recommend booking at least a few weeks before your baby reaches 6 weeks old to secure your place. 

If you had a normal delivery and feel well, you may be able to join us a bit earlier* than 6 weeks. See the NHS guidelines for more information and have a look at their recommended post natal yoga routine.

You are very welcome to attend classes until your baby or babies start crawling rapidly off to new adventures!

The full calendar of Mindful Yoga courses, including Mama Yoga during pregnancy, Chi Flow and Meditation classes and weekend Workshops can be found in course dates. Shiatsu Massage and Clinical Consultations are also highly recommended before and after giving birth.  

Please email me at [email protected] or use the contact form for more details and/or for a course or workshop booking form.

Each time you book a course, you receive a loyalty card entitling you to 10% off any treatment or gift voucher :-)