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Mindful Yoga & Shiatsu with Piries' Soul Food

Weekly classes are currently pausing. However, Chi Gong is taught in all of the weekend Mindful Workshops so book now to secure your place as these are very popular!

Chi Flow: Chi Gong & Gentle Yoga 

Go with the flow!

This relaxed movement class is based on the tried and tested principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Like the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Chi Gong/Qigong, Chi Flow aims to improve the flow of chi in your body to enhance your health and well-being. Chi (or Ki) is pronounced 'chee' and like 'prana' in yoga, refers to the breath, life force or vital-energy in every living being. This class combines relaxing, strengthening and flowing movements from both Chi Gong and Mindful Yoga.

"Zoe teaches in a down-to-earth and fun manner. I enjoy the short mindful meditation,

the practical applications of the acupressure points and of course, the exercises.

Zoe can always knowledgeably answer any questions and is always upbeat in her teaching style.

She is skilled at offering alternative poises to suit any ability, making her classes accessible to all.

We always learn something new in a fun way!" Helen H

In Chi Flow you will learn how to become more aware of your chi (or 'prana' in yoga) and how to balance and boost this unique essential energy with:

- elegant physical movements and flowing postures

- gentle yoga and meridian stretches

- self massage of shiatsu points

- focused intention and simple meditation practices

- deeply calming breathing and relaxation techniques

All of which you can easily practice in between classes. Chi Flow is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities and no experience is required. So, join us in this friendly class and find out how to prevent and treat symptoms, let go of concerns and enjoy yourself!  

Chi Flow helps you connect to your vitality and inner contentment, while reducing discomfort and stress. For a more dynamic movement class see Mindful Yoga.

"I always feel relaxed, positive and bright after my weekly chi flow session. I'm sure it's helping to keep the old aches and pains at bay too. Zoe is a great teacher and really knows her stuff.....treat yourself." Chris

Chi Flow, Thursday 5-6pm, Barbon Village Hall, LA6 2NN

Weekly classes are currently pausing. However,

Chi Gong is taught in all of the weekend Mindful Workshops so

book now to secure your place as these are very popular!

To book future Chi Flow courses, please email or contact me for the booking form with all of the relevant information including payment details. Your place is automatically saved as soon as the course fee is paid. Once the courses are full, you may leave your name on a waiting list and I will contact you as soon as a place become available.

You may be able to join us during a course, provided there are still places available. I offer a trial class of any course for £10. Just do please let me know when you would like a trial so I can check there is space. Thank you.

If you can’t attend Chi Flow one week, you may be able to visit one of the Mindful Yoga or Meditation classes, again space permitting. Please always check first. Alternatively, you can buy the Flexicard for £89 and attend 8 classes from any course over a twelve week period. I try to make the courses accessible and offer, where possible, some concession places. Each time you book a course, you receive a loyalty card entitling you to 10% off any treatment or gift voucher :-)

"Looking forward to the Shiatsu treatment and restarting the Chi Flow class on Thursday. Combining these

two therapies, I find so engaging to my wellbeing. Continue doing your wonderful work Zoe." Murray

Mindful Yoga Workshops with Chi Gong & Meditation

October 13th, 10.30am-4.30pm, £65 Arkholme Village Hall. Sorry, this is FULL.

Bookings already being taken for all of the workshops in 2019 on 9th February, 8th June, 7th September & 9th November.

The full calendar of classes can be found in course dates. Feel free to contact me via [email protected] or use the contact form for more information about any of the workshops, courses or treatments.

"Tai Chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses,

your own mind and body together as one process." Chungliang Al Huang

"Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy." Ken Cohen 

"The beauty of the qigong approach is that you simply start from where you are.

Tiny steps can still take you where you want to go; you just need to dedicate some of your time to yourself,

which is a form of self-respect and love." Dr. Daju Suzanne Friedman