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Mama Yoga

Pregnancy is an ideal time to start yoga - that's when I started, 18 years ago and look where it's got me!

All of the postures, stretches and movements in Mama Yoga are specially designed to support you during your pregnancy, from about 14 weeks right up to giving birth. I can offer a variety of alternatives and modifications to suit your needs at every stage of your unique pregnancy.  

The exercises and relaxation techniques are simple, yet very beneficial and suitable for complete beginners. The easy routines mean you can practice at home in between classes, You will also get all the many positive benefits of meeting other mums-to-be. Many of whom go on to enjoy practicing yoga together after birth with their little ones in Baby Yoga.

Mindful Yoga focuses on the balance between your mind, body and breath. In addition, Mama Yoga deepens your connection to your baby, helping you both to be as happy and healthy as possible. This balance is created through:

- physical exercises and postures (asanas)

- breathing exercises (pranayama)

- relaxation

- meditation

- learning from recently new mums about their experiences and about issues and services from local experts relevant to your needs and wishes during pregnancy (with a nice drink and biscuits!)

With regular classes, yoga is an excellent way to improve your

physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

You can move at your own pace in Mama Yoga and take a break whenever you wish. We move in a relaxed, safe way for an hour and then sit comfortably for 20-30 minutes for refreshments and a chat about relevant topics. I recommend keeping your doctor and/or midwife informed about the yoga classes (especially any benefits you experience! ;-) I'm always here for you if you have any queries or concerns.  

Remember, you are entitles to PAID time off work for antenatal classes!

For the duration of your pregnancy, your employer cannot ‘unreasonably refuse’ you paid time off to attend antenatal care classes during your normal working hours, including time taken travelling to and from appointments. Also, you do not have to make up the time at a later date. Relaxation classes such as Mama Yoga are included in the term ‘antenatal care’. It's probably a good idea to politely but firmly request the time off and show your employer something in writing from your GP, health visitor or midwife stating that these classes are part of your pregnancy care. If your employer asks you for this proof and you are unable to provide it, they unfortunately have the right to refuse you. For more information: https://www.gov.uk/working-when-pregnant-your-rights

Mama Yoga can help you to:

- ease muscle tension, aches, pains and a variety of symptoms during pregnancy such as sickness, anxiety and back ache

- improve your circulation of blood, oxygen and energy (chi or prana) highly benefitting both you and your baby

- increase flexibility and muscle tone, especially of your pelvic floor and abdominals, which can greatly assist you during childbirth 

- boost your balance, posture and flexibility with gentle stretches and flowing exercises keeping you fit during pregnancy and again, helping your birth to be as easy as possible

- stay healthy mentally and emotionally now and for the exciting/scary challenges ahead with simple, highly effective relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques

- be calmer, more confident, sleep better and feel more prepared for birth and life with your new baby 

Make time to look after yourself and your baby

Mama Yoga offers you all of the benefits of the popular Mindful Yoga courses, specifically tailored to benefit expectant mums and their baby/babies. Also, each time you book a course, you receive a loyalty card entitling you to 10% off any treatment or gift voucher :-)

Day, time and location of term-based course to suit group eg. possible venues Barbon or Arkholme Village Hall or near by. In the meantime, feel free to have a trial at any of the other courses, workshops and treatments on offer :-) 

The full calendar of current courses, treatments and workshops can be found in course dates. Shiatsu Massage and Clinical Consultations are also idea during pregnancy.

Please email me at [email protected] or use the contact form for more details and/or for a course/workshop booking form.