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Mindful Meditation

"After a very emotional and stressful week the week before, I joined Zoe's Tuesday mindfulness class in a very negative and sombre mood. But stretches in the beautiful sunshine and a meditation focusing on sound was just perfect to lift my mood and see the world as the beautiful place it is."


"'Thanks for such a wonderful first class and for inspiring me toward a new phase of practice.

I was deeply heartened and touched by your approach.' I wrote this to Zoe after my first 2 classes with her,

one was Mindful Yoga, the other, Mindful Meditation.

I'm now looking forward to my third morning of yoga and meditation at Arkholme Village Hall.

Zoe combines genuine acceptance, warmth and fun with great thoughtfulness and

skill in the content of her teachings. I can't recommend these classes highly enough.

I love everything about them; the hall and beautiful views, the friendly people who attend

and fabulous quality of practice that Zoe facilitates."

Shirley Summers

"I have meditated for several years, going to Zoe's Mindful Meditation class is highly beneficial to my well being and also a supportive group. There is a wonderful collective consciousness within the class.

Also Zoe is very intuitive to the classes needs."


"I have found practising Mindfulness in a small group very rewarding.

There is a really good vibe and everyone is friendly and accepting. Zoe is a warm inclusive and passionate teacher. If you haven’t tried Mindfulness before don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it.

It has helped me enormously with coping with anxiety. I feel back in control! Come and join us."

Shirley O

"All of Zoe's classes are Great, she is a Super Teacher and a Very Sweet, Fun and Lovely person...

Her Mindful Meditation is unique as she perfectly combines Meditation with a Mindful Practice, you get to experience two sessions of seated Meditation and two sessions of Qi Gong Movement (like Tai Chi).

This I find to be a very good and most beneficial experience and the people in class are always lovely.

In any of Zoe's classes you will be most welcome and soon become part of a Super Community."


Mindful Yoga and 1-2-1 Shiatsu Treatments

"I didn't want to go to yoga on Thursday. I was too tired, too ratty and too grumpy to enjoy it, or so I thought.

I went anyway and was soon borne away on the countryside theme of the week. We were seeds, we were sheep. We were warriors; in my case, a very wobbly warrior when I balanced on one leg.

But it left me feeling refreshed, happy and relaxed. Thank you so much Zoe."


"Just want to say how much I am enjoying your class."

"I just wanted to thank you for all the peace and tranquility that you have brought me this year.

You are a blessing to us all!!"


"Really looking forward to the class. Last week’s did me a lot of good, mentally as well as physically."


"Whatever your ability, age or gender you will receive a warm and friendly welcome at Zoe’s class.

Highly recommended."


"A massive thankyou for my recent Shiatsu experience. Zoe has a friendly calm manner which makes you

feel totally at ease. I came away feeling positive, relaxed and re-energised.

I would definitely recommend this experience."


"After a session with Zoe, I feel refreshed and invigorated.

Zoe is an excellent teacher who really knows her clients and tailors her classes for their needs.

I attend 2 classes a week and really enjoy the coffee drinking after Friday’s class too!

Her workshops are varied and relaxing with an excellent lunch cooked by Oli with our help!

Yoga is now a major part of my life thanks to Zoe!"


"I’ve just started Zoe’s class after being in another for several years with a different, and excellent teacher.

I wasn’t sure I was going to get used to a new class. But from day 1, I loved Zoe's class.

They are a lovely balance between restful but stretching postures, more active ones and relaxing. So glad I joined."


"Such a lovely class. A perfect combination of mindful postures and activation. Thoroughly recommend it." Amanda

"Thank you so much for an amazing shiatsu massage today.

Not only was I pain free but also I’ve never felt so relaxed and energised!

Anyone wanting to experience a miracle, I strongly suggest that you visit this lady!"

C. B.

"I recently joined Zoe’s Mindful Yoga Refresh weekly class after attending a trial class. I wanted to improve my home practice and to learn more flow yoga rather than static poses. I am absolutely delighted.

Not only does Zoe teach but actively encourages me to experiment. This is based on standard yoga poses but all within a safe alignment environment. Given her breadth of experience and non-rigid approach,

the class offers many variations on each pose or flow allowing us to practise based on individual ability.

In addition, Zoe weaves mindfulness into every pose or move.

The facilities at Arkholme are great too, roomy class and lots of parking.

This is a wonderful weekly experience leaving me peaceful yet energised. Thanks so much, Zoe."


"Zoe's Sunset Yoga gives me the peace, the energy and the connection with

lovely people that makes each class an utter delight"


"Zoe is a Star! And taking her Yoga class is like giving a gift to yourself. Yoga has many, many wonderful benefits...and this class is a nice combination of mindfulness and flowing movement.

It is perfect for all ages, sexes and is a nice introduction to Yoga, so if you are drawn to begin a

Yoga practice or exercise in general this is the perfect place to start; a wonderful class, teacher,

subject and location. What more could anyone ask? Oh and the sun always shines during class :)"


"I’m new to yoga and joined to help with problems in my hips and joints due to my job.

I was slightly nervous when first starting as I'm not flexible at all! But Zoe was great , makes you feel at ease and plans her classes around the needs of the students!! Anyone wondering whether to have a go, I would say definitely yes!! The hardest part for me is making the time to go!! Brilliant class, fantastic teacher!"

Kate R

"Zoe’s class is ‘Blissful’! I really look forward each week to stretching tired limbs and relaxing my mind and body. The pace is just right too, as Zoe manages to create the perfect balance between

exercise and relaxation. It’s a guilt free escape from the riggers of everyday life."


"I didn't know what to expect from a Shiatsu treatment, but Zoe is an excellent practitioner and

I have felt so much better after each treatment"


I was worried that I might be useless and look stupid doing Yoga Flow

I probably was and probably did! However, Zoe made me understand that’s not what yoga is about at all. Absolutely anyone could do what I do. It’s all about your personal needs, pace and comfort.

I feel lucky to have such a friendly and caring yoga teacher."


"Just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely fabulous yoga class this morning. Have a great weekend."

S x

"Yoga with Zoe helps to smooth away all the physical and mental

lumps and bumps of the week. I come out feeling relaxed and refreshed.

It is one of the highlights of my week. I have also had two blissful shiatsu treatments from Zoe."


"It's been lovely to experience a new yoga class and teaching style.

I really hope I can broaden my practice over time and do more independently!

Hope to try the Shiatsu soon."


"A very effective and lovely experience. Zoe is wonderfully calm, serene and positive.

I always, always feel very good emotionally and physically after my shiatsu session."

Christine B

"So enjoyed your class yesterday, it felt it really connected with me, as all your classes do."


"Zoe's yoga class is wonderfully relaxing and meditative, but at the same time stimulating and fun.

I find her instructions easy to follow and she always gives options for each of the poses so I can choose the right one for my ability. It is such a lovely positive atmosphere and a great start to the weekend."


"I feel a wonderful resurgence within myself and my spirit, after my Shiatsu treatment with you."

Blessings X

"Just wanted to say thank you for this morning's yoga class. It was fantastic in every way. See you next week."

Sue C

"Namaste! Now Friday mornings are the best morning of the week.

I go to Zoe's mindful yoga class and all the stresses of the week float away in

a blissful combination of relaxation and gentle exercise."

Jane C

"Zoe is a very good teacher - caring and supportive. The thing I like most is that there is

no pressure or expectations - you do everything according to your ability and what is comfortable for you.

I feel so much better for attending her Mindful Yoga classes."


"I can't recommend Zoe's Mindful Yoga Class highly enough.

It is energising whilst being relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.

All ages and abilities are welcomed by Zoe who is a fantastic teacher.

If you have never tried Yoga before, don't hesitate, book yourself a place, you won't regret it."


"Hi Zoe, thank you for a fabulous class this morning, as they always are.

At times the connection between teacher and student is so connected.

Once again many thanks."


"I am a bit of a novice and I also have fairly serious lower back trouble."

...after 1st class: "Just thought I would let you know that I have had no issues with my back after last night's class.

In fact it feels better this morning than it has in some time ☺"

Michelle Hughes

"Thank you for all your efforts in reorganising the yoga classes. They mean a lot to me personally. You are a very good teacher, so caring, supportive and inspiring - integrating psychology and spirituality in a natural way."


"You are a fabulous teacher and I have really enjoyed my sessions with the group"


"Hi Zoe, many thanks for your Lovely Supportive yoga class. I so enjoy it, it's a focus for my week.

Being of a certain age, I feel the class really suits my needs.

Looking forward to your class after the half term break."

Murray X😀

"I have attended Zoe's Mindful Yoga classes and I am enjoying them immensely.

Zoe facilitates time that is just for me. I find it so relaxing and feel great afterwards. One of the things I really like is that Zoe does not push you to do anything - It's whatever feels comfortable - no pressure.

Be good to yourself and book on to the course. "

Tracy H

"I have Been to 3 Mindful Yoga Classes so far and have Loved every minute of the classes, really recommend,

so relaxing. I also can feel it is doing me good. Looking forward to lots more classes. Thank you Zoe :-)"


"Well, I went to my first ever Mindful Yoga class last night - slightly nervous as I've never done Yoga before but

I loved it! Thanks Zoe. Can't wait for next week!"

Jane F

"I had one Shiatsu and knew it was for me. I felt relaxed and balanced all day afterwards.

I had gone for chronic pain and felt an immediate improvement in symptoms.

However, the lovely calmness, emotional and mental, was a real bonus. I've booked 6 more!"

H Sanders 

"I find that the yoga class has increased my well being both physically and mentally.

I love going to my class and it is one of the highlights of my week." J

Chi Flow - similar to Tai Chi and Chi Gong

"Chi Flow is a fascinating subject and I am learning so much about the meridians and acupuncture points and the stretches which keep the channels unblocked and healthy and so keep the body balanced.

I feel good after each class and Zoe is a great teacher who explains clearly and patiently.

We always have plenty of laughs and

I always look forward to the next week's session."


"Zoe teaches in a down-to-earth and fun manner. I enjoy the short mindful meditation,

the practical applications of the acupressure points and of course the exercises.

Zoe can always knowledgeably answer any questions and is always upbeat in her teaching style.

She is skilled at offering alternative poses to suit any ability, making her classes accessible to all.

We always learn something new in a fun way!"

Helen H

"I always feel relaxed, positive and bright after my weekly chi flow session.

I'm sure it's helping to keep the old aches and pains at bay too.

Zoe is a great teacher and really knows her stuff.....treat yourself."


"Looking forward to the Shiatsu treatment on Monday, and restarting the Chi Flow class on Thursday.

Combining these two therapies I find so engaging to my wellbeing. Continue doing your wonderful work."