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Mindful Yoga & Shiatsu with Piries' Soul Food

Workshops currently postponed. Mindful Yoga and Meditation & Movement Classes are now being live streamed to keep us as happy and healthy as possible and still connecting with eachother each week - we are stronger together

Please email me on [email protected] to book

 "Great idea to introduce a nice healthy meal, that we all help to make with a fantastic chef, Oliver.

Second workshop I have attended - Zoe is amazing. I feel completely refreshed. Mind. Heart. Soul.“ Karen

Piries' Soul Food Workshops - Arkholme Village Hall, LA6 1AT

"Overall very relaxing and enjoyable. Really inclusive session. I felt able to follow and keep up even as complete beginner. Cooking together was a great way to take a break and bring the group together.“ Emma

Saturday Workshops: Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong, self-Shiatsu and Slow Food  

Sat. 18th April, 13th June & 7th November, ½ day, Halton Mill, £35 including tasty treats

Sat. 16th May & 17th October, full day, Arkholme, £75-79 including a cooking session & delicious lunch

The Saturday workshops are a great opportunity to practice Mindful Yoga, Meditation, simple breathing and relaxation techniques, Chi Gong (like Tai Chi often done in parks in China and Japan) and/or self-Shiatsu (key acupressure points for health and happiness). The workshops offer us the luxury of more time than in the weekly classes deepening our experience of both the movements and stillness. There's space for questions, taking notes and trying new things out in a fun and friendly atmosphere. So why not join us one day to stretch out, tone up and slow down! All ages, abilities and spiritual beliefs welcome - no experience necessary :)

Slow Down Saturday with Zoe - River Room, Halton Mill, LA2 6ND

Sat. 18th April, 13th June, both 10am-1.30pm & 7th November 11am-2.30pm, £35 including snacks

In the wonderful River Room, there are mat, bolsters and blankets etc. for everybody so you don't need to bring equipment unless you wish to. The yoga sessions will therefore include traditional poses and movements but also restorative yoga poses where we can be still for longer than usual supported by the various props to feel blissfully relaxed. We can also hold and deepen stretches to release tension in muscles and fascia (connective tissue) significantly releasing tightness and pain and leaving us refreshed and re-energised.

Mindful Workshops with Zoe, Oli and often guest teachers - Arkholme Village Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale Road, LA6 1AT

Sat. 16th May & 17th October 10.30am-4.30pm, £75-79 (depending on teachers) including Oliver's cooking session and delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch

Please contact us if you have special dietary requirements and we will try to make adjustments for allergies and intolerances where possible. Oliver is our highly experienced, professional chef from Germany. You are welcome to join in and learn new culinary skills and healthy food tips or just watch and enjoy the show. He can also give advice on diet, detoxes and nutritional supplements. Once the Soul Food is ready, we practice a few minutes of silent eating to truly enjoy the experience of sharing a meal and to savour the flavours - mindful eating at its best!

"Great idea to introduce a nice healthy meal, that we all help to make with a fantastic chef, Oliver.

Second workshop I have attended - Zoe is amazing. I feel completely refreshed. Mind. Heart. Soul.“ Karen

Limited places in all workshops (especially in Halton) so please book soon. Email or contact me for the booking form with all of the important details including payment information. Your place is automatically secured as soon as the fee is paid. We're really enjoying these Mindful Yoga workshops - memorable days :-)

“You were clear we didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to (but I was happy to do everything!).

Super, relaxing day; with no expectations at the start of the day, I go away throughly chilled.

Thank you so much.” Anon

Workshops 2020 - Mindful Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong, Slow Food &...

Let me know what you would be interested in for future themes and I'll see what I can do! When the sun smiles on us, we can also spend time practicing and relaxing outside by the beautiful fields and fells that surround Arkholme Hall or wander along the calming river in Halton. Unforgettable days for all the good reasons :)

Guided Colon Detoxes

Oliver also runs guided 3 or 5-week digestive detoxes with essential nutritional supplements based on the tried and tested wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The detox is conducted in the comfort of your own home, with regular support, recipies and motivation from Oli and the other members of the group via the internet. Please contact Oli for more details: [email protected] or 07483 214211

What would it be like if I could accept life – accept this moment – exactly as it is?” Tara Brach

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Blend of approaches to managing stress very informative and helpful to try out in the group. Great to discuss key shiatsu points. Fabulous food as ever from Oli and appreciated to share lunch with others. No suggestions for improvements Everything spot on from start to finish.” Nicola

“A lovely day with something for everyone. Very good idea to introduce a new practice, very interesting. Fab food with Oli, as usual, with fun in the kitchen! Lovely coffee and goodies. Very friendly group. It has been a memorable day.” Rose

“Great to be given lots of suggestions to release tension/stress in lovely surroundings with fantastic food. Good to have time to stop and think and peruse the range of interesting reading material, which informs and inspires. Loved the mixture of practices.” Sam

“Felt spacious - not crammed or rushed. Clear instructions and guidance. Learning and feeling shiatsu pressure points. Helping with lunch and of course eating the delicious and nutritious food. Enjoyed and benefitted from the calming space that was expertly and beautifully held. Felt safe and gentle. Loved the music and poetry readings.” Lisa Milnor

“A very interesting day. Clear introduction to what we would expect. Meditation was useful, combined with gentle yoga. Particularly enjoyed working alongside oli to help prepare lunch. Afternoon session a great introduction to TRE, which I had never tried before. I shall venture to practice at home. An excellent day!” Jane de Brule 

“You were clear we didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to (but I was happy to do everything!). Super, relaxing day; with no expectations at the start of the day, I go away throughly chilled.

Thank you so much. Delicious lunch too.” Anon

“Wonderfully relaxing! I have learnt techniques to relieve stress and anxiety. Throughly enjoyed and appreciated the delicious lunch, which was obviously thoughtfully prepared. Fresh, whole some ingredients. TRE was a new experience and one I will definitely be using. Don’t change a thing!” Jackie Rushton

“My goal for today was ‘respite’ and that’s exactly what I got. A beautiful space, perfect organisation, excellent programme all day including a delicious and nutritious meal. So well thought out. I felt safe and relaxed throughout and ‘held’ by Zoe, Helen and Oliver. A day of loving kindness flowing in abundance. Great pace.

More of the same please – yoga, chi-gong and meditation and I liked the opportunity for silence.” Amanda

"Right size group - not too many. Venue warm, comfortable and spacious with lovely views. Really liked the balance between music, relaxations, yoga and Chi Gong. Zoe's wonderfully relaxing style making us all relaxed and comfortable. Oli's wonderful cooking experience. The food was healthy, delicious and satisfying." SH

"Enjoyed the cooking participation and food, which was a bonus. Was a lovely day - left very chilled and Zen like. Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Everything was so well organised & relaxing.

The food was delicious and it was nice to have time to chat & learn." Carol

"The space and time to focus on my practice. The Chi Gong – really energising, good to do something different. Meeting other like minded people. The chance to browse the literature.“ Sam

"It was a really lovely day, even the weather added to the feeling of being connected to the earth! And a big thank-you also to Oliver. Sharing the preparation for lunch was so much fun and has really encouraged me to make more of an effort to eat well and think more about time spent in the kitchen." Jan

"Loved the new exposure to chi gong and the challenge of new flows and stretches. The cooking and the

food was a very welcome element. It felt like a wonderful bonus to add to my 'me' time.“ RW

"A really interesting and relaxing day. I came with an open mind as a complete yoga and mindfulness novice -

a bit sceptical really to be honest - I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

I would like to look into taking what I've learned in this intro. session further because

I'm sure it would help me to deal with current stress levels." IJW

“A really good day with excellent facilitation. The choice of exercises was well thought out for a mixed ability group. Great idea to have the cooking part and I liked the way it was linked to mindfulness practices.

The food was excellent and a real bonus.” JE

Make time for your health and happiness :-)