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Yoga Flow

"Set your stresses and strains aside so that you fully enjoy those activities that generate flow in your life."

Margaret Moore, 2008

All the fun of Mindful Yoga with half the number of participants for that extra attention. We practice both classical poses/'Asanas' and modern, creative movements working both in stillness and vinyasa. The Sanskrit term, 'vinyasa' means 'to place in a special way', often translated simply as 'link' or 'flow.'  

In Yoga Flow, you will learn how to gracefully flow through a sequence of carefully selected asanas, stretches and exercises. Each movement is a gradual progression from one pose to the next. Using the breath as our guide, we practice moving through these postures with a balance of effort and ease. When done with awareness, even a quiet, seated pose can be practiced as a mindful vinyasa. Make time for yourself each week to tune in, feel, follow and flow :-)

"I was worried that I might be useless and look stupid doing Yoga Flow. I probably was and probably did!

However, Zoe made me understand that’s not what yoga is about at all. Absolutely anyone could do what I do.

It’s all about your personal needs, pace and comfort. I feel lucky to have such a friendly and caring yoga teacher."


Yoga Flow will teach you both calming, fluid flows and more dynamic, energy building sequences. The postures and exercises require us to focus inward, often synchronising breath and movement for healing and harmony. We start with a warm up to upbeat music to get us moving and smiling. Each class ends with a simple relaxation to help us notice the after effects of our work and anchor the benefits from our practice so we leave feeling refreshed in mind, body and heart.  

"Stop, think, identify and list the flow experiences in your life today - both at work and in your personal life.

When do you lose yourself in an activity that uses your skills beautifully and leaves you energised when it’s done?"

Margaret Moore, 2008

Yoga Flow, Lunesdale Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, Monday 12-1pm

The current term of Yoga Flow runs until 18th December 2017. You may be able to join us during a course, provided there are places available. I also offer a trial class of any course for £10 - just let me know when you would like to come.

Bookings are now being taken for next term, costing £45, from Monday 8th January - 5th February 2018.  

If you can’t attend your normal class, you may be able to visit a different class that week, again space permitting. Please always check first. Alternatively, you can buy the Flexicard for £89 and attend 8 classes from any course over a twelve week period. I try to make the courses accessible and offer, where possible, some concession places.

Each time you book a course, you receive a loyalty card entitling you to 10% off any treatment eg. Shiatsu or Gift Voucher (especially useful during the festive season!).

The full calendar of Yoga and Chi Flow classes can be found in course dates.  

“Flow is the experience people have when they are completely immersed in an activity for its own sake,

stretching body and mind to the limit in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.”

Csikszentmihalyi, 1997

So, why not try this mindful work out for mind, body and soul? Contact me for more details and a booking form. For a slightly more meditative approach, see Mindful Yoga, Chi Flow and Meditation & Movement.  

"Many people use the term flow to describe, 'the sense of effortless action they feel in moments that

stand out as the best in their lives. Athletes refer to it as “being in the zone.' Csikszentmihalyi 1997).

Why should helping clients experience more flow be relevant to wellness professionals?

First, recent studies have shown that life satisfaction and happiness correlate with better health

and improved longevity; the impact is at least as potent as not smoking (Veenhoven 2006).

Not only does happiness feel good, but happy people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviours, and they get sick less. Second, you can help clients think about how to make their exercise and healthy-lifestyle activities

flow-generating; that is, challenging, absorbing and a slight stretch, without becoming a trigger for anxiety."

Margaret Moore, 2008

Find your flow!